Saturday, February 9, 2008

This beach I call home.

The beach has provided so much more than a suntan. She has given me glorious sunrises my entire life.

She has offered herself up as my private gym with endless miles to roam, an ever changing pool for swimming. When I surfed the beach she became a dramatic medium for carving out a path on the pulse of the Atlantic. At times rising up and violently fighting me at other times she is calm and peaceful.

Her shoreline has provided me a treasure trove of items. Endless hours have I spent searching for sharksteeth,fossils and shells.

When fishing from the surf or from one of the Grand Strand's piers I have brought forth from the depths all manner of creatures. From the plates of Red Lobster to aquatic terrors of million dollar movies my beach delivers a marine biologist's dream list.

This is where my story begins, along the beaches in South Carolina. Welcome to my home.


Sunshine Suzy

I love Myrtle Beach. My husband and I want to buy property there and retire.