Friday, September 5, 2008

Southern Coast Vacations and Rentals Homeowner Update.

The staff of Southern Coast Vacations and Rentals has secured all vacation and unoccupied long term properties due to the current weather conditions. Additionally we have contacted all our tenants and asked them to secure all exterior items at their properties.

When weather conditions permit we will revisit your properties and inspect them for any wind or water damages. We will contact you immediately should we find anything that requires attention.

We have closed our office at 3pm today and will reopen tomorrow when weather permits.

I want to thank my staff for a job well done.




Thanks for the updated information on your web site on your plan for the owner properties in Myrtle Beach. The hurricane season is always stressful and the postings are a great way to keep us informed without having to call the office and tie up your staff answering all of our questions. Keep up the good work