Monday, June 29, 2009

Southern Coast Update.

Changed some of the clip art on the front of the website. Using life style pictures instead.

Long Term Update: Added Long Term Image and link on main page.

Long Term homeowners should consider lowering their rental rates if their property is currently unoccupied. Contact Marie or myself to discuss if we have not talked to you in the past 30 days.

Vacation Update: More and more last minute bookings are coming in. Many guests booking about 8 to 10 days out.

Freestyle Music Park is doing some great marketing. Hearing great news about the new management.

North Myrtle Beach has a new slide on the beach at the end of main street. Many guests are enjoying it.

Linked Managers Specials to a new discount program. Offering up to a 50% discount for arrivals coming in within 48 hours. Contact Debbie for information or to have your unit listed.